Follo, Norway

Apollo is our proposal for the new Museum Workshop. The building follows the natural elevations and creates a threefold division of roof and space. We wanted to create a new destination, where visitors move along a path through the historic buildings on the site before reaching the new workshop museum. The shape of the building forms two sides, one with a view overlooking the forest and water, and one that surrounds a courtyard filled with functions that are connected to the workshops. The building varies in itss height and act as a filter between inside and outside. They slided walls help to define, among other things, the entrance area and the given program. The road leads to a foyer, together with a integrated café and exhibition room that is centrally located in the building, from this part moves administratively in one direction and the workshop building in the other. The building will be an extension of the path and at the same time as it is a closed workshop, it always allows visitors to walk through the building. In collaboration with Philip Box.