Kaspar Sando born 1996 in Oslo, Norway. Following his studies at The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark and Dublin School of Architecture, Ireland. He collaborated at ArchStudio in Zürich from 2018-2020, Rem Koolhaas / OMA Rotterdam in 2021 and is now working for Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland.

Henrik Gjerstad born 1996 in Oslo, Norway. Following his studies at The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark, RISD in Providence, New York and TU Delft, The Netherlands. He worked at OMA in New York from 2018-2019 and Jensen & Skodvin Architects in Oslo in 2019. He is now working for Lie Øyen in Oslo.

Welcome to the Portfolio of KH.

KH is a young architectural duo established by Kaspar Sando & Henrik Gjerstad in 2016 – during their studies in Copenhagen, Denmark. They are both MAA graduates from The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark with work experience from Oslo, Copenhagen, Zürich, Rotterdam and New York. They are learned to think sustainable architecture in today’s global challenge. KH seeks to find the balance between nature and human, how can architecture become a part of the human body and the human body a part of the architecture. It has never been more important to think, and find solutions for the global changes and the population that constantly is increasing.

PLATÅ” is our proposal for the new World Heritage Center next to Urnes Stave Church. We are proud to have been awarded an honorable mention amongs 124 proposals: https://www.arkitektur.no/konkurranser/konkurransenyheter/urnes-verdensarvsenter/dansk-svensk-vinner-pa-urnes/

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